How I work:

I teach a somatic process of discovery, guiding you to feel and embody what makes your heart dance in joy, how the loving presence of true nature emerges through you. Everything in the world breathes together, one unfolding mystery. I teach how to recognize, listen to, and sense this loving intelligence within your body and all life. As you learn to rest in the heart of each moment, your body opens and you feel interconnected with the world.  Over time you awaken to your interconnectedness with all that is – your loved ones, the earth, the sun, moon and stars, the plants, trees and animals you encounter, you come to know yourself as the movement of life, the heart of life.

As this sense of connection develops, you will feel nourished and held as loving presence permeates your body, and through this presence your body will become increasingly fluid and revitalized.

I create a loving space for you to unfold and embody, teaching you to focus inwardly and feel from the inside of your body. We begin wherever you are, initially with the questions you bring. Sessions may include meandering in nature, meditation, somatic inquiry, movement and dance, or exploration through animal medicine or archetypal astrology, depending on your individual unfolding. This journey is an epic one, full of discovery about yourself and the joy, magic and mystery of your true nature. It may at times be slow and arduous, and then suddenly, you will open to a new level of wonder and love.


My Services:

I shape my work to address your unique requirements, and assist you in creating daily awareness practices and a lifelong path of discovery.  Below are some of the modalities
I draw from in assisting you.



Developing intuitive understanding through dreams, animal medicine, archetypal astrology.

Experiencing the primal presence of place, recognizing how we are shaped by place, feeling nourished by elemental beauty, encounters and communication with elemental and archetypal energies – interconnection with all our relations.


Embodied Inquiry

Sensing into your body through guided sessions, developing an awareness of the present moment, feeling how emotions affect your body, how we participate physically with our emotional life and the emotions of those around us.

Exploring life lived in the body, through open attention, breath, sound and movement, developing the senses, circulating chi, grounding and learning to align, healing and rejuvenating your body.


Dance Meditation

Developing moment to moment improvisation, fluidity, movement that aligns and connects, grace as interconnection made visible, freedom and joy lived through your body.