About Sabrina Page


My life is an ongoing discovery of the possibilities of being human in interconnection with all that is. I live with a sense of adventure, play and childlike curiosity about what is possible each day.

I love sharing, teaching, and continuing to explore the endless mystery of my true nature. I began meditating in my early 20s after an early awakening, exploring various types of meditation and the wisdom traditions of many cultures. After about 15 years of sitting meditation I discovered movement meditation and began to explore the inner world of the body and the mind of the cells. Eventually my dance arose from the inside, as I learned to pay attention to how my heart wanted to move moment to moment. My body became increasingly fluid, feeling interconnected with the earth and elemental energies, part of the moving whole.



My background includes the study of Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness at CIIS resulting in an MA in Philosophy of Religion in 2005 as well as a BA from Cornell University and a certification from The Rocky Mountain Healing Arts Institute.

Over the years I have facilitated individuals and groups in movement and embodied awareness, focusing on how to feel the body from the inside out and experience presence in the here and now. My movement teachers include Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper of Continuum, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen of Body-Mind Centering,. I have also been strongly influenced by the written works of the Mother -Mirra Alfaasa, A. H. Almaas, Thich Nhat Hanh and David Abram.

I have taught both dance and contact improvisation as meditations in motion, exploring the spontaneous expression of feeling moment to moment and expressing through the body. From 1987 –2001 I produced and dj’d Dance Spirit, an improvisational dance event in Marin County that drew hundreds of dancers each Wednesday and Friday night. The music and dance from around the world touches me deeply.

I have also been deeply influenced by my connection with nature, shaped by playing in woods and water growing up. In the company of trees and birds, beaches and oceans, I feel nourished and supported, inspired and held by the heart of the world.