What do I know in myself, what have I discovered over these many years in this body on this heart wrenching and beautiful beyond words planet? What I know for sure is that each of us is a mystery to be unfolded – and the longer I live the more mysterious it seems. What is unfolding through me, drawing me to certain adventures, to resonate with one person and not another, the owl and raven, the particular tree or place in the woods?  It is through my relationships, through the connections that I forge, that I see more parts of myself.

Interconnectedness, what Thich Nhat Hanh has termed interbeing, is how I learn about myself.  I am intertwined with the sun and moon, earth and water, raven, tiger, and hummingbird. Each of these beings are a part of me. When I expand myself through my desire to connect, I am feeling yet another part of the cosmos within myself, and I am juiced and renewed by that intertwining.  Continue Reading ->