We have the ability to feel the dance of the cosmos within our bodies, within each and every cell. We can rest in our cells and feel connected to earth and sky, wind and water, and far galaxies. We are not separate, yet each of us is unique, moving through space. When our awareness deepens by sensing into our bodies, feeling the held places, allowing breath and movement to return, we come to know ourselves in an expanded way.

We are body and earth and sky. We are water – feeling her fluidity softens and informs us. What happens to aging when we know gravity through our bodies and are no longer passively affected by it? What happens when we align with gravity and feel the earth’s energy moving upward through us?   When we know sun and moon, water and wind as kin, and feel ourselves immersed in an everchanging landscape?

We are not just muscles to be stretched and pumped, we are fluid organs and luscious fat, cellular fluids, blood, bone and glands. Each of these reveals a unique archetypal energy, a perspective of being. Within us are worlds. We have the capacity to move from any system, to initiate breath from any cell, to be the alveoli breathing or the tailbone gently swaying. What is possible when we explore? How is the way we live affected? What I know so far is that fear disappears, we meet the one heart in every part of us, my body moves fluidly and life becomes a joyful experiment.  To be continued.