We have been graced with these architectural wonders –our bodies – that have the ability to be interconnected with the earth and the entire universe. Yet we tend to live in only a very small part of ourselves, and seem to have lost the operating manual. We have given the responsibility for our own bodies over to the doctors and drug companies, we have bought into the lie that we can’t feel and heal ourselves. We forgot that each of us comes equipped with a zoom feature, a way to focus our attention and energy.

The zoom capability is part of our inherent awareness, the ability to zoom in, just as our camera or GPS can, and focus our awareness. We can also zoom out, all the way out and totally relax our focus. We have the capability to focus on a minute detail or the big picture. One of the lies we have all bought is that we can’t zoom into our own bodies, into any area of interest, and communicate with the cells. We forget that the button that controls the zoom feature is our intent. Our intent — to communicate with our cells, our DNA, a friend long distance, or the Earth – is the mechanism that directs the zoom.

By reowning our intent, we can focus the zoom feature. Something is hurting in your body? Zoom in to that area, and be with it. What does it need? Maybe a little attention, some appreciation, some food, you’ll never know until you ask. I have found that there is incredible intelligence in each and every cell. The body knows what it needs. So part of what makes zooming in work is our ability to listen to what the other needs. The secret of any relationship, with our bodies, or those we love, or an animal or the earth, is zooming in and then being present to what is needed.

So how is it that we can zoom around anywhere with our awareness, once we get the hang of it? That’s the truly amazing part: we are not just these bodies, we are also the consciousness underlying everything. That’s how we have the ability to zoom in or zoom way out and focus on the big picture. See if you can notice where your focus tends to live. Perhaps it’s on your family or the project you are working on. Maybe you shift to work in the day, and family at night. See if you can begin to expand your focus some, or zoom in on something entirely different, like the inside of your heart and feel the blood pumping, or the river that runs by your house.

One of the beauties of this zoom feature is that it can carry an emotion or feeling with it, such as appreciation or love. We all know how good it feels when someone we are interested in turns all his or her attention on us. Zoom some love into your own heart, or to your child. With others, in general, it’s good to stop at the boundary of their skin, unless you have their permission to zoom in further. Heart to heart is wonderful if you are both in agreement. Good boundaries make for good neighbors. It’s also good to stay centered in your own body when zooming, so that some awareness stays at home while another part travels. That’s called grounding, it keeps us from spacing out, getting too out there.

Zoom into your own belly center, about two inches below your navel in the center of your body, and stay connected there as you move around. Like the GPS feature, we can have a sense of home, while we zoom out and feel the big picture. I’m reminded of the photo of the earth from the moon that the first astronauts beamed back to us. We have the ability to focus our attention anywhere, and even look back at our earth. That is part of our amazing body – the awareness to see how vast we really are. Dial into your intent and begin to zoom around.