Writings on the earth community, love, body, embodiment, interconnection, our planetary moment, music – and the creativity and possibilities inherent in being human.

Originally posted in Substack MAY 11, 2023

Welcome to my new Substack page! Thank you for joining me here today.

In future posts I’ll be writing on all the above, with a focus on the possibilities of being human in this time, and moving forward to envision and create a better world for all of us – interconnected and aligned with nature.

Standing on a cliff above the ocean this morning, waiting for the first glimpse of the sun bursting over the mountain, I feel a deep kinship with every being who has ever waited for that magic arrival – almost a cellular remembering of all of us together, lions and birds and flowers and humans waiting in awe for the sun god.

What follows is a short introduction to who I am and why I am writing now.

I grew up exploring nature in the 50s, initially in the rolling hills and creeks of Pennsylvania and then the sands, lakes and pine trees of southern NJ and the Jersey shore. Life was a series of adventures for a kid left to roam until dinnertime. And nature was the only place anything made sense. Once I was inside, whether in Catholic school or my home, there was always some way I was unruly or ill behaved. Yet in nature that untamed part of me fit in, I was one with the land and waters, free to be myself.

Growing up as I did, I am most comfortable living at the edge of communities as close to the wild as possible, creating a life that is quietly unconventional. My journey into nature included psychedelics in woods and streams in the late 60s, years of meditation, meditative movement and then dance.

I had learned to roam freely, climb trees, scramble on rocks, bodysurf and be moved by flowing waters and waves – dancing with nature. This led to a natural curiosity about the workings of my body, its inner landscape, its ever changing fluidity and possibilities. In my thirties as I discovered movement and dance I felt how nature could move through me as blood, muscle and bones. I explored music and eventually produced a weekly dance event, dj’ing a wide variety of rhythms from around the world. Music touches my heart and I will share my favorites here as we go along.

I have learned presence and love from being immersed in nature, finding both solace and security deeply enmeshed with earth and sky. My body fluidly connects with that which is within and around me, in some moments as an ocean of movement, wave upon wave gently rearranging body tissue, relaxing muscles, in each moment a new body. I explore what is possible beyond ideas of aging as deterioration.

At this time when the earth is threatened and humanity is veering into an artificial future, I feel compelled to add my voice. The natural human has access to the endless love and possibilities of the universe. We do not need to merge with AI, it is not the way. As we free ourselves from its tentacles we will discover even more of our power to create.

We are nature. We are love. Being grounded and embodied in this time matters for our own security and well-being.

In writing this stack I hope to reach out to like-minded folks across the world and create a community of possibility, joyously free, intimately connected with land and water, honoring and respecting all living creatures. I imagine a world of abundance with food and shelter for everyone. Coming into collaboration and connection with one another to create a new earth of plenty, restored in beauty and love. Being an avid researcher I understand the forces trying to undermine our world – and yet I also know there is another world possible.

I will begin by offering a post a week, perhaps more, likely by Thursday or Friday each week. And at least to start I would like to explore the model set forth by Charles Eisenstein, in which everything is accessible and free, the gift economy. And of course if you can subscribe and donate I will be very grateful.

My website is sabrinapage.com. The focus of my work is on your unfolding – finding joy and creativity in each day. To that end, how do we free ourselves to feel our own unique nature inside/outside in interconnection with all life – and find our inherent creativity within that continuum? We explore body and nature as moment to moment ever changing possibility. How do we move through the blocks in our lives, whether a physical issue, an interpersonal one, or trauma held in the body? How do we develop presence in the face of strong emotions or insecurity?

I welcome all your comments! Thanks for reading today.