29 years ago I experienced the presence of the living earth for the first time, as mother and as a part of myself. This blog and my website In Conversation with the Wild, grew out of the ongoing conversations I have had with the earth and the beautiful beings that inhabit this wild world.  I hope to do my part in bringing us all closer, becoming increasingly aware of how we can participate together in a more loving and conscious world.

The image above is from my journal,  an attempt to capture that night, when slowly she rocked me in her arms.  This embodied interconnectedness was a tangible experience, fully felt in my body.

My first experience of intimate contact with the earth was on a vision quest in 1984. My prayer was to feel the earth, to know her more fully. On a full moon night, I had climbed up onto a rocky plateau above the valley where my tent was staked, taking my sleeping bag with me. I snuggled into my sleeping bag in the crevice of the rocks, looking up at the moon illuminating the entire valley and my plateau. As I lay there, to my amazement I began to feel cradled and rocked by the earth, a moving sensation that was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I felt held and protected, soothed and nurtured, at a cellular level. At that moment my worldview changed, and I could no longer experience myself as isolated or alone. I knew that I was in the presence of another living being who was gently holding me in her field.

The above description is from an earlier essay http://sabrinapage.com/wordpress/the-embodied-life-cellular-awareness-in-our-body-and-interconnection/

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