Rhythm is fundamental to our nature, from the beat of our heart to the cycles of the moon, we exist in a universe of rhythmic creation. By feeling deeply into our bodies, the rhythmic ground of our being becomes tangible. Entraining to the rhythm of the Earth, we feel ourselves part of a living body, a moving whole that is ever evolving. We discover our rhythmic connection to the primordial energies or archetypes that are fundamental to our world, universal principles such as compassion, wisdom, grace and love. Through the integration of these archetypal rhythms, we experience being aligned and relaxed, feeling the interconnection of body, heart, and soul.

Held patterns dissolve, giving way to new rhythms. Rhythm shapes matter – the body actually shifts shape as this alignment occurs. When the body is aligned with, and nourished from, the heart and soul, rhythms of rejuvenation arise from the inside out. Held patterns dissolve, giving way to new rhythms of beauty, grace and ease. We find ourselves aware of our anatomy in the here and now – our body in the present moment – pulsing in polyrhythmic aliveness. We begin to hear the rhythms of our soul, feeling the effortless nature of aligning with the intent of our soul. As Rumi says, when we do things from our soul, we feel a river moving in us, a joy.

We learn to listen to the constant rhythmic movements within us, discovering that all relationship is based on the interconnection of rhythmic patterns. Our relationship with the Earth, our friends and families, and our communities are created and sustained through complex rhythms.

We shape our world through the motion of our bodies, the rhythmic patterns of movement that we continuously create. We are how we move. Through awareness and intention, we develop mindfulness of our movement patterns, aligning the soul’s intent with the hara and heart, consciously co-creating with the archetypal energies of our world.