There is a rhythm to beauty, a rhythm to grace. Or call it vibration. We can begin to notice that our breath changes with every different feeling, and we move differently as well. At any moment we are sending out a vibrational signal to the Universe through our breath and movement. Likewise, we are being affected by all the rhythms around us. We swim in a sea of rhythms, and we tend to vibrate with what we focus our attention on. The vibration of a newscast is often sharp and stacatto, short, fast breathing, and if we match this energy, our breathing moves up in our bodies, becoming tight and hard.

How then do we live and move in grace and beauty in a world that promotes fear and violence. It is imperative for our well-being to call forth Beauty, Grace, Peace, Love. Even the simple act of saying a word with attention can change one’s rhythmic vibration, because the sound of the word has a rhythm to it. This sound vibrates through the fluids in our body, touching each and every cell. We can consciously bathe our cells with this sound, as in using a word as a mantra. Or we can move to the rhythms of the sound, creating a healing dance for ourselves.

Sometimes when I am feeling fear, after acknowledging that this is the rhythm I am in, I will bring in the word Love, and watch inside myself as the cells relax, even begin to vibrate in Joy. We have all lived in a fluid environment within our mother’s womb. We have the memory within us of moving in a sea of vibration, being bathed by our mother’s emotions. Perhaps the realized adult is one who can once again feel held and connected in that sea, bathed in the tangible vibration of Universal rhythms that is the eternal dance.