Our true body goes beyond our skin to include the earth and the universe. We are the living dance of creation, archetypal energies of fire and water, air and earth – all that is – and yet if we cannot feel these energies within us, our personal bodies do not experience the joy and rejuvenation of this aliveness. The nourishment and strength of feeling supported and held in a web of interconnectedness is the necessary medicine for our times.

For the health and rejuvenation of our own bodies and the earth, it is time to connect more deeply to the wealth of archetypal energies that live inside and outside our skin. By going deep into our cells, our blood and bones, we reconnect with the vitality and strength that is our true body. We come alive to the flowers and birds, animals and trees, mountains and oceans – to all our relations – who are yearning to move and breathe in harmony with us. We experience the sacred dance of the feminine and masculine forces in the universe, and the arising and falling of life in every moment.

Everything in our world moves in rhythm and harmony, both within our bodies and without, when allowed to exist without interference. We can once again learn to tune into the rhythms of our heart and blood, the breath of our cells in every moment, the touch of our footsteps on the earth. The key to rejuvenation of our bodies, hearts and souls is moving in rhythm with the song of our own heart, the voice of the earth, and the music of the celestial bodies. These archetypal rhythms are the living dance of creation, and the true body in which we can rest in every moment. We live in a time when this interconnection with body and earth is crucial, bringing us the possibility of joy, creativity, abundance and peace in our own hearts and on earth.