Lately I have been feeling an increasingly direct connection with the cells of my body. Many years ago I had begun using the mantra “love” with my cells, gently saying this word over and over again. When I do this I feel an excitement in my cells, a joyful jumping to attention, as if they love being directly contacted. More recently in the womens’ group we have been exploring the pull of gravity on the cells, feeling how we are directly connected to the Earth through her gravitational pull on each cell. We lie on our back at first, then on each side, and eventually on the belly, feeling how we are held in the Earth’s gravitational embrace. Surrendering to this pull, soon there is an upward force, as if the waters within us are rising in joy – the force of levity.

Often now, I have been returning to a feeling of the cells floating in an ocean of love, the love arising though the cells and forming them, then everything dissolving back into that ocean, again and again the rhythm of the breath entwined with this arising and falling. My body is then this arising and falling, the ocean of love creating and re-creating my existence.

When this feeling is with me in everyday activity, I function easily, with great buoyancy and joy. When I am working on an individual’s body through bodywork, sometimes I feel how the cells move under my fingertips, longing to feel this contact. I see the awareness of the cells as the interface of form and space, or mystery, and as my attention learns to live there, I create more easily and let go with less attachment, seeing myself as THIS DANCE instead of solid and unmoving.