We have the ability to rejuvenate ourselves at any age by tapping in to the richness within. Beauty, Gratitude, Grace, Wisdom, Creativity – we can tap into these energies by drawing from our deepest Self. The archetypes are the primary rhythms that create form, and by feeling our deepest desire at any moment, we invoke the archetypal energy we need. In my desire to feel beautiful, I can call on the essential quality of Beauty to radiate her luminous energy through my cells.

We become separate from this inner nourishment when we get lost in looking outside ourselves for what we need, instead of turning to the Source within. Perhaps we need Strength or Courage in a situation, or Clarity. The potential to express these energies is always within us, and the more deeply we live in the the various structures of our bodies, the glands, organs, muscles, bones, the easier it is to access the energies we need in any moment. This is the secret of embodiment, the ability to move with the archetypal energies embedded in our own body, as each gland, each organ, reveals a unique archetypal energy.