Center is where the juice is. Center is where freedom lies – from center we have the potential to move in any direction. Center is where we find joy. There is a center to everything, to each and every cell, to our bodies and to the earth. From our own center we are interconnected to the center of everything. Center is where we feel at home and where we feel peace. When we live in our cellular center, we are embodied, knowing our Source on a bodily level, interconnected with all life.

There are two ways I access my center. One is by moving my attention to my belly center or hara. The other is by going directly to the cells and allowing my attention to rest in the center, feeling the stillness at the center. In either way, I access the unlimited support of Source. By resting in stillness I begin to feel the abundant ocean of nourishment that is always available to me. In this quiet place, whatever I need next bubbles up, rejuvenating and freeing me for the next step in my life.