As we become conscious of the inner body – organs and glands, how our blood and fluids move, the feeling of the cells, and the way our energy is moving through us – all of this creates a tremendous support for our daily lives. Instead of living on the surface of the body, somewhat unconsciously using and reusing our muscles, perhaps forcing the body beyond what feels good, basically dominating or controlling our own matter, there is another way, one of partnership, cooperation and deep listening to what we truly need.

For years my right hip would ache, especially at night, and after trying many modalities, I began to investigate more deeply, guiding my attention to be with the sensation. I noticed how there was so much energy tied up in that area, longing to be released into gravity. The sciatica that accompanied my right hip pain, running down the out side of my right leg, seemed to be released by pulling on my toes or letting my leg hang freely.

As I learned more about my center of gravity, the hara area a few inches below my navel, I saw that I was not normally centered, but rather pulling to the right of center, overusing my right side. Gradually I began to see that this pulling to the right was related to my pushing myself from my individual will, rather than working in cooperation with the whole of myself, including the deeper parts of my body. This pulling to the right also threw me out of my vertical alignment, so I couldn’t take advantage of the flow of gravity and levity, the natural support of feeling our connection to the Earth’s field.

While we are always held by gravity, it is only when we become aware of its affect on us that we can begin to align with it and consciously use that support in all our endeavors. Most of us are habitually moving from effort, fighting gravity, which wears us down overtime. There is another way, the joy of effortlessness, moving in alignment with our inner flow. Our everyday activities, or our athletic endeavors, then become rejuvenating and renewing, and we slow our aging process. I learned so much from that aching right hip, and to this day, when it returns, I know it is that voice from within, urging me to realign. The inner body is a door way to our inner self, helping us to redirect our energies and discover the deeper layers of who we are.