It has been said in many ways, many times, but what if each of us unleashed the power of our imaginations.  What if each time I had a negative thought about my body or aging: what if I get sick? what if I don’t have enough money?  What if, what if, what if . . . what if I took every speck of energy I put into negative outcomes and imagined my perfect world, caring and connected; my ideal body, strong and vibrant.

Somehow, today, I am seeing the power of directing my thoughts creatively, to what I can imagine is possible. It feels enormously liberating, as if I have the power to affect my life, as if I have power to help change the direction of our world.  What if that’s true?  What if films were made that imagined a beautiful world instead of catastrophes and violence?  What if we imagined aging as an unfolding of wisdom and true strength?  What if imagining the positive empowered each of us to take positive actions, however small, to move in the direction of our visions. What if it made life easier, more fun?

What if?